Faze Mag - Record Of The Week

Last week we discovered that Faze Mag featured the title track from our debut digital EP as record of the week. A huge achievement for everyone involved and a special day at HQ. Here is the original excerpt from the Faze Mag team giving us a 9/10 rating. Catch the English translation below. 





English Translation - 

DD4's debut EP appears on the new imprint Love Bizarre, founded by John Becker and Michael Gray, and comes with a musically complex selection of pieces. “Feel Forgotten” starts on the EP in a melancholy way, with a concise synth melody that defines the track for me with its slight detune. The number evokes memories of the nineties with its break-beat drums and rich pad sounds. “Miasma” and “Rave” are definitely the strongest tracks, which impress with their rave character and simply go forward mercilessly. “Till Dawn” is also clearly material for the dance floor, even if the track is a bit slower, DD4 gives it the necessary drive with the break-beat loop, which gives the whole thing a lively effect. The obligatory Corona track should of course not be missing. “Self Isolation” - a song that catches my ear especially with the fat strings and rounds off the release very well. 9/10 Niklas Fust



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