DD4 inaugurates the new London-based label, Love Bizarre with his debut release featuring four original cuts on an EP entitled 'Till Dawn'.

Originally from Zurich now residing in Dundee Scotland, DD4 initially discovered a love and passion for electronic music as a teenager following record labels like Defected and Hot Creations. With influence from these labels and Glasgow on his doorstep providing access to clubs like The Arches, Sub-Club and SWG3, it wasn't long before DD4's tracks started to resonate with the feelings and moments experienced in those club settings. Touching on anything from upbeat  house tracks to dark club techno, and everything in between.

'Till Dawn' sees the launch of Michael Gray and John Becker's open-format record label, Love Bizarre who look to provide a creative platform for their artists across various genres.

The EP features a free download 'Rave', a jacking club track with fizzing drums and powerful melodic tones.

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