Clyde Rouge

With a name inspired by Clint Eastwood’s Orangutan sidekick and a penchant for using photographs of derelict buildings to inspire his productions; Scotland’s Clyde Rouge is certainly not one to simply conform.
After ten years of experience behind the decks, Rouge overcame his self-confessed technophobia to launch himself into production.

Reared on a heady mix of 90’s hip hop, house and breakbeat, his influences were fed through the Rouge mangle and spat back out into his sonically enticing breed of bass heavy, hip-shaking house.

He set up label Chief Rouge with brother Scott in 2012 gaining a loyal following, tracks such as ‘Deep Organics’ gaining traction with DJs as diverse as Danny Tenaglia and Scuba.

Heavy support on Radio 1 followed with appearances on the main stage of Groove Festival but Rouge was arguably more at home rocking sweaty basements than large festival crowds.

After touring and releasing on a variety of labels, 2020 saw Rouge return to his roots, ploughing his efforts back into his own label and firing out a string of self- releases. In a scene dominated by oppressive industrial techno and overly serious posturing; this is music to make you smile. A rebellion against a world of plastic plug ins and over produced dance floor fodder, instead he serves up slices of grin inducing grit and raw energy. Tracks influenced more by the rough around the edges grooves of records made twenty years ago, than by the snap chat culture and Instagram influencers of today.

With plans afoot for a concept based long player, gigs supporting Sasha in the pipeline and a pair of brand new tracks snapped up by Yousef for his excellent Circus label - expect the unexpected from Scotland’s ape inspired house afficionado. This is music to make you move – an exuberant call to the dancefloor - Clyde Rouge is once again changing the narrative and doing things his own way...